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El Cucho - Colombia - 200g

El Cucho - Colombia - 200g

Origin: Colombia
Region: Nariño, Sandoná municipality
Altitude: 2,000 - 2,050m above sea level
Variety: 100% Castillo
Process: Fully Washed
Notes: Mango, Cherry, Passionfruit
Acidity: Bright

This micro-lot from producer Natibel Cabrera is a Castillo variety bean, which was created by Cenicafe to combat leaf rust. These beans are a result of over 50 years worth of research, showing that resistant coffee varietals can still retain a high cup quality.

The beans are grown on Natibel's farm, which is called El Cucho, at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level. The farm is located in the municipality of Sandoná in Nariño. Sandoná is mostly agricultural with coffee being the second largest crop taking up 15% of the territory, while sugar cane occupies the top spot with 30%. 

 The El Cucho farm is close to the equator and has around a 12 degrees Celsius variance between night and day. Through a combination of high heat from the sun and trapped heat in the valleys below, the farm has its own unique microclimate which allows the coffee to ripen slowly. The coffee that Natibel has produced is a fine example of similar coffee produced in the area.